Janet Herring Mentorship Program

Supported by a generous gift by Janet Herring, a UAB alumna, and her husband Mark, the Beta Alpha Psi chapter at UAB started The Janet Herring Accounting Student Professional Development Program in the fall of 2014. The program focuses on assisting female members of Beta Alpha Psi to thrive in the workplace environment. The Janet Herring Accounting Student Professional Development Program fosters relationships between Beta Alpha Psi members and UAB Alumni, faculty/staff, and community partners who are willing to share professional insights, critical networking opportunities, and practical advice. The program will be multi-faceted, including mentoring, shadowing, and learning.


  • Female Beta Alpha Psi member or pledge

  • Must commit to the program for the fall & spring academic semester

  • Attend the Kick-off Reception (Sept 27 5:30 p.m.- 7 p.m.) and Closing Luncheon (April 2020).

  • Prepare a brief summary about your experience in the program.

  • Write a thank you note to your mentor



Student mentees will be paired with a male or female accounting or finance professionals, or “Mentors,” who will serve as role models, assist in networking, and possibly open doors to employment and internship opportunities. Mentors will provide students with advice on resumes, interviewing skills, internships, professional etiquette, and many other career topics.


Students will “shadow,” or follow, a female or male business leader for a day or over a period of time to gain information about a particular career, to understand organizational culture and group dynamics, and to enhance interpersonal skills to be more effective in a complex business environment. A wide range of professions will be considered and encouraged. Mentees may shadow their mentor or other leaders of the mentor’s organization, or she may shadow members of a different organization(s).


Students will be given the opportunity to enrich their career skill sets and practice professional skills in an environment that promotes learning and growth. These workshops will be facilitated by the Collat School of Business’ Career Services Office and involve the Beta Alpha Psi chapter. The workshops will include business etiquette and dress, interview skills, and more.